A Seeker’s Journey: How To Use Intuition, Emotions and Magic For Spiritual Growth

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  • A Seeker’s Journey: How to Use Intuition, Emotions and Magic for Spiritual Growth follows the opening of my heart. The stories that comprise a good deal of the book are those which made an indentation on my being; reinforcing the rather unusual path that I was on – especially as it began in the early 1970’s.
    Oftentimes we need support to maintain our integrity in this world and be real. I hope A Seeker’s Guide will support you if you need it, teach you how to play with intuition if that is your desire and or give you ways to use your emotions for your growth. And of course, SEE THE MAGIC! It’s awesome.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesititate to contact me here at ninadockery.com

    A Seeker’s Journey: How To Use Intuition, Emotions and Magic For Spiritual Growth is now available through Amazon.com

    Once, Again, A Novel of Forgiveness and reincarnation storys=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1340010935&sr=1-1&keywords=Once%2C+Again++Nina+Dockery”>mail.google.com

  • Once, Again :  There were many possibilities:  was it weird dreams, a strong psychic connection, reincarnation, past lives, parallel lives, some other compelling unknown force or a combination of all of these factors. Once, Again is a fictional romance of two interracial couples, living in different times, who are mysteriously joined in a journey to investigate and understand their strange connections. Using such methods as past life hypnotic regression, dreaming partners and intuition, the story weaves back and forth between the 21st century and the time surrounding the Civil war.  Both couples, (James, a white plantation owner’s son and Alaro, a one-time slave, and Thom, an astute business man with strong intuition and Rachael, a practicing intuitive) are fascinated with their shared psychic experiences about their past lives.  They are compelled to explore their participation together in the timeless dance of life and death. Answers both couples seek as to why are they’re connecting, who they are to each other, and most hauntingly, the messages they are destined to receive from their explorations, is an imaginatively told
  •  Once, Again is my second work of fiction. Read More
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    Nina Dockery – about me

    Nina DockeryMy Inner Journey began in 1972 when my life totally changed course. Before 1972, if I could not see it, taste it, smell it, hear it or touch it, I refuted its existence. Anything of Spirit or intuition was all nonsense. All that quickly altered when, within a year’s time, I became clairvoyant , clairsentient (feeling others, situations or places) and clairaudient (hearing voices).

    No, I’m not crazy.  (more)


    First Book

    sexy at sixty

    Sexy at Sixty

    Description: Romance, friendship, intuitive awareness, a fluffy white cat named Oliver Munster, and a Discount Tire Store are all integral parts of Sexy at Sixty. Who says great sex stops at sixty? Not Greg, a vibrant and handsome sixty-year-old CEO establishing a branch office in San Diego. Not Venus, a vivacious and beautiful sixty-five-year-old university professor. After a chance meeting, they develop a strong, sensual relationship. But their romantic endeavors are quickly challenged, as someone is out for revenge.




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    future plans

    In between organizing a cross-country move, I am writing my third romance novel.  This one is entirely different than my first two, though still connected with the underlying metaphysical themes of past or parallel lives, and Intuition.  At this point in time, it has a very simple title, Seriously.


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