About Nina

My Inner Journey began in 1972 when my life totally changed course. Before 1972, if I could not see it, taste it, smell it, hear it or touch it, I refuted its existence. Anything of Spirit or intuition was all nonsense. All that quickly altered when, within a year’s time, I became clairvoyant , clairsentient (feeling others, situations or places) and clairaudient (hearing voices).

No, I’m not crazy. Every intuitive/psychic gift one could possibly experience grabbed me, shaking me violently. I could not deny what was occurring in my life. As I sat with my counseling clients, I saw and experienced their past lives roaring in on me. Future, past and present visions displayed themselves like movies and they demanded my attention. I would be told (by whom is still up for discussion) all sorts of details about individuals I didn’t even know. I could see inside bodies, both pain and illness – my vision was like an X-ray.

Life was quickly altered as more and more came forth. For almost twenty years I earned my living as a psychic counselor (I do have a doctoral degree in counseling from the University of Mass.) and then, one day, I didn’t want to do that anymore.

When in doubt, recreate yourself. Moving from Southern California to Vermont, I opened a store – Treasures of the Heart – in Johnson. That was fun, especially since I knew nothing of retail or business plans. Ended up still giving readings, and that was acceptable. Buying items that made my heart smile was a delightful gift I received!

And then, that too, was enough. Onward to Colorado where I did some counseling and readings, but continued selling jewelry, mostly at house parties.

Years ago (maybe 40!) two psychics told me I was a writer. Didn’t believe them. Another profession.

After receiving my doctoral degree, I took out a few romance novels to read. Anything that wasn’t serious, statistical or boring! After perusing those books, I became disgusted with their formulas – too predictable!

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