Once, Again  

Once, Again is a fictional romance of two interracial couples, living in different times, who are mysteriously joined in a journey to investigate and understand their strange connections. Using such methods as past life hypnotic regression, dreaming partners and intuition, the story weaves back and forth between the 21st century and the time surrounding the Civil war.  Answers both couples seek as to why are they’re connecting, who they are to each other, and most hauntingly, the messages they are destined to receive from their explorations, is an imaginatively told tale about a pilgrimage leading to healing and forgiveness.


Sexy at Sixty by Nina Dockery

Sexy at Sixty – A romance novel written for the older generation  

Romance, friendship, intuitive awareness, a fluffy white cat named Oliver Munster, and a Discount Tire Store are all integral parts of Sexy at Sixty. Who says great sex stops at sixty? Not Greg, a vibrant and handsome sixty-year-old CEO establishing a branch office in San Diego. Not Venus, a vivacious and beautiful sixty-five-year-old university professor. After a chance meeting, they develop a strong, sensual relationship. But their romantic endeavors are quickly challenged, as someone is out for revenge.

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