Everyone is intuitive!

Maritime Forest, South Carolina

A beautiful meditation spot.

I maintain that everyone is intuitive yet their intuition shows up in different ways.  And some hate the word intuition and prefer to call it “gut” feelings.  Whatever.  Here are three common ways intuition manifests.

The first is  clairvoyance which is the ability to see.  The things seen can be anything – past, future, inside bodies, seeing lost objects, etc.  The difficulty here is trying to interpret what you are seeing without your own values, beliefs and “junk” getting in the way.  Sometimes that is quite difficult!  To some extent, those who easily visualize are clairvoyant.  Often they just don’t believe their own pictures and ignore them.

The next is clairaudience and that is the ability to hear.  Heard,  can be your own Inner Guides, messages from those around you or those deceased, descriptives of anything, information regarding the past, present and Spirit Guides or teachers.  Sometimes the difficulty here is descerning what and whose voice you’re hearing!  If Grandpa was nuts when he left the world, he’s may still be nuts on the Other Side.  Choose carefully what and who you listen to!  Of course, then there’s our ego which is constantly screaming at us . . . that is not clairaudience.

Next is clairsentience, also called kinesthetic or empathic.  This is the ability to feel and experience what another is feeling and/or to pick up energy from anything – whether it be alive, dead or an inanimate object.  Problems arise here with not quite knowing when you even pick up something/someone other than yourself!  An empath can walk into a house and feel “negative or challenging” vibes and just want to leave.  That’s an easy example.   However, picking up vibes or another person’s energy or mood can cause distress –  primarily because you don’t realize it’s THEIR energy, and you don’t know how to get rid of it!

Empaths must learn to know what they are feeling so they aren’t overtaken by others.  Often empaths walk around or sit with their arms tightly folded against their solar plexus. . .   are you one of them?  Those who are clairsentient also pick up the “good” stuff . . . except that is more difficult to recognize and own.

My belief system:  we are all ONE, therefore, we can attune to another and know them deeply – if we choose.


3 thoughts on “Everyone is intuitive!

  1. Jenny Hagen

    I have such issues with constantly absorbing others. Some houses I just want to run away from…you really hit it on the head there. I’m constantly second guessing myself in so many areas. You cut through in such clear language that it seems easy to comprehend. I wish I had some more tools to helps me weed out second guessing my intuition.
    I miss your wise voice sweet lady, I am blessed to know you. I LOVE that you are doing this!
    More MORE!

    1. Nina Post author

      Thanks Jenny. Your creativity floors me and I am so glad to see all your creations. Keep on keepin’ on. Second guessing only means that we’re afraid. Afraid of being right and afraid of being wrong. That is what hinders all intuition. When you second guess yourself, ask yourself if you’re afraid . . . see what comes up for you. You’ll begin to learn the difference between the true voice or pictures of intuition and those that scare you! Become aware of where you hear your voice of intuition and your voice of fear. They usually come in different places. I love you lots girl! You and your beautiful daughter are awesome. Hugs and Fairy sparkles!


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