Romance Novels – Adult Fairy Tales

Romance Novels – Grown-up Fairy Tales
It occurred to me that women (especially women!) read romance novels like they read childhood fairytales. Dreamers of bigger, better, more exciting, more stimulating, more wealth, more power, better lover, more control of one’s life – or, for a change, letting someone else take control of life and definitely more handsome heroes/heroines!
All of us have had childhood fantasies. Did you dream of being married, happily ever after? How about dreaming of being some famous movie star, or a singer, or dancer or someone famous? Or were your dreams about magical places with magical creatures? Some dream of being a great philanthropist, or maybe even a famous saint! Do you remember your childhood and/or adult daydreams, fantasies, desires, wishes and hopes?
I believe the world loves romance novels because they are HAPPILY EVER AFTER, and they are the ultimate fantasy! They are fairy tales for grown-ups! Living in this world often filled with pain, destruction, death, illness and despair (at times) the romance novel allows us to relish and delight in our fantasy of happily ever after with super-heroes and heroines. Don’t we all want and desire that? I know I do. That’s why I write them and that’s why I read them.
Of course, the characters have to be somewhat realistic and somewhat mature or they lose my interest quite quickly! That’s a really important aspect for me. There must be some degree of realism and a sufficient emotional maturity to recognize that when the characters aren’t actually acting in a mature fashion, they get how terrified they are and attempt to change their reactions and behaviors.
I love romance novels, and I love the happy endings. I loved and still love fairy tales. There is enough “reality” out there for me to live without having to read about the dark side all the time.
But if you want the combination of the dark with the romance, the wonderful shape-shifters and part human/part other race take the adult fairy tale to new heights of imagination (Christine Feehan’s books are great!) There we have violence, the heroes that are not understood or made to be heartless and the reconciliation of humans or mixed races coming together for good and their love. How much better does it get???

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