Sexy Love Scenes: Part 1

Sexy Love Scenes
This blog is a ramble, but there is so much to say and I’ve just begun to touch some of it. I would love your opinions on what I have written.
When I write a sexy love scene, it’s really about much more than sex. But then sex is really much more than about sex – even if it’s bad sex or uninvolved sex. And great sex is a deep body/mind/Spirit and emotional connection.
These are some of the many thoughts which ran through my mind as I sat and typed.
Sex has lots of qualities which can be positive, negative or even missing: intimacy, passion, excitement, fantasy, pleasure, love, security, vulnerability, power, control, trust, life, and it’s more fun than anything out there – or not. It can also have the qualities I’ve listed but in the most negative manner – like lack of security (you know, those who use sex to supposedly find “love,” lack of vulnerability (look at me, I never get involved because I can’t afford to be vulnerable), abuse of power, etc. Get the point?
No wonder sex sells! It’s got so much going for and against it.
Boredom, familiarity, routine, exhaustion, illness, age, fear, the prince or princess gone awry or gone from sexy to non-sexy, and a million other reasons speak to our sexuality. In fact, I doubt that there is practically anything in our lives that cannot touch this force that dwells within us all. I’m quite sure you could come up with your own list.
But in spite of it all, sex sells.
I have some ideas for the reasons – perhaps you have some too?
I believe the primary reason why sex sells is that everyone wants Love, and with new love (i.e., romance novel love) the sex is the “ideal.” It’s an exciting adrenaline-spiked high and tells of a love connection that stimulates our fantasy minds and hearts. Rarely is there love that is as exciting as “new” love – except of course our love for our kids, our pets, etc. But they are not as intimate in the same manner. It’s the fantasy of outrageous and awesome sex that sells but what we’re really all after is the heart connection. Wait – there might be some odd balls out there who just want the incredible romantic sex and not the love . . . but then there’s no accounting for those who are terrified of love.

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