Welcome to a meeting place for 40+

Welcome to a meeting place for those of you who have hit your 40th.

Nina Dockery

Nina Dockery, Ed.D., Author,

I began writing novels because there were so few written for those of us who have reached a modicum of maturity… :-) In my books, you will find humor and a healthier form of relationships than most of us are blessed with.

The purpose of this site is to be an extension of my books and life.  If you are looking for a place with diverse subject matter based on common sense and intuition, please bookmark and come back often.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to a meeting place for 40+

    1. Nina Post author

      Thanks Lee, I’m a little late in checking this tech stuff, but I’ll get there. Just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary after having lived together for 10 1/2 years prior. Loved what you did for us! :-)


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